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Personal Injury Lawyer
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The total amount of compensation from a personal injury claim will mainly depend on the severity of the injury sustained. Serious injuries like broken bones, loss of limbs, or brain damage that cause extensive pain and suffering receive the largest settlements.

Car Accident Lawyer
Sherman Oaks | Fresno | Coachella Valley

When  an at fault party causes a car accident, California enables those who have suffered injuries or damages to gain compensation for their medical or property expenses. The guilty party is held accountable for their part in the accident and can deter future accidents from happening.

Slip & Fall Lawyer
Sherman Oaks | Fresno | Coachella Valley

If someone one suffers a slip and fall accident and hurts or injures themselves while in the store or business than they may have a legitimate legal claim against that guilty party. This applies to all businesses no matter the size. Slip and fall cases happen at large corporate entities like Wal-Mart.

Premises Liability Lawyer
Sherman Oaks | Fresno | Coachella Valley

Premises liability cases can cover a wide range. Inadequate upkeep of the premises, swimming pool accidents, dog bites, toxic chemicals,  and defective or inadequate security that leads to injuries or assault are all types of premises liability claims.


From this very first contact with our clients, we strive to make every client understand he or she is important to us. We want you to know that you have made the right choice by entrusting Edelman Law Center with your legal needs. When you have been injured, you are facing challenges, so we are here to help you pursue the compensation you deserve for your injuries and damages or the loss of a loved one. We are highly experienced in California personal injury law and our legal team has successfully represented clients in thousands of complicated personal injury claims.

Edelman Law Center has a proven track record with a team of attorneys that have the knowledge and confidence needed to help clients pursue compensation for injuries associated with personal injury, slip and fall, premises liability, auto accidents, and trucking accidents. We will aggressively fight for you and pursue your claim so you don’t have to worry about the stress of trying to negotiate with insurance adjusters. We understand that your medical bills can add up quickly and that while you are unable to work the lost wages will impact your family. Our job is to handle your personal injury claim.

You need to focus on your recovery.

We have a team of Southern California personal injury lawyers who remain committed to your case from start to finish. When you enlist us to help you with your claim, you can count on our team working to get you a fair settlement and the best possible outcome for your claim. We work hard to maximize your settlement so you don’t have to worry about future problems with your injuries.

Our team at Edelman Law Center understands the challenges that you face when you are dealing with a serious injury or a loved one’s death. Our legal representation will be perfectly tailored to meet your specific needs.

Practicing personal injury law in an honest manner, we take the time to learn about you and how your injury has impacted your life. By understanding the situation thoroughly, we are able to provide you with much better assistance not only now, but also in the future. You will find we are truly dedicated and committed to you and your claim. Working to protect your legal rights, we fight to see that your settlement accounts for all of the losses and damages you incurred as a result of the accident. Taking pride in our work, we take our commitment to your case seriously so you will get the care and the justice your claim deserves. Regardless of how serious your injuries might be or how difficult your situation is after the accident, you can entrust the job to our attorneys. We promise we will do everything we possibly can to help you obtain the maximum compensation for your Southern California personal injury claim.

When you have suffered losses in an accident, there is no substitute for caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, and aggressive Southern California personal injury lawyers you can count on. When you call on Edelman Law Center, you can count on you or your loved one having the capable legal representation that you need and deserve. Professional, dedicated legal representation is just a phone call away. We are ready to help you win your Southern California personal injury claim. Edelman Law Center – the legal team people have come to trust with their personal injury, slip and fall, premises liability, auto accident, and trucking accident injury claims.


Medical bills can mount quickly. The costs of the medical care you require because of an accident should always be included in your personal injury settlement. This monetary figure should include the costs of any medical care you have already received as well as compensation for the estimated costs of future care your injuries will require.


If you have suffered injuries in an accident, you might be entitled to be compensated for physical and emotional pain and suffering that has resulted from the accident and its aftermath. While pain and suffering might not be direct monetary expenses, you should still be compensated for those losses.


If you have been injured because of someone’s negligence or intentional behaviors, you deserve to be compensated for any lost wages that might result from your recovery. This amount should include any current and future lost income.


Accident injuries can be complicated and dealing with insurance can be a challenge. Understanding insurance policies and getting the most from the coverage is a significant aspect of your accident recovery. Our legal team will handle any negotiations between you and the insurance company so you can get the compensation you deserve.


It is essential to understand the legal options you have so you can make educated and informed decisions regarding your claim. We are a dedicated team of legal professionals who believe in informing our clients about their legal rights in respect to their personal injury claim. We are always accessible and willing to address any concerns and answer any questions you have in regards to your personal injury claim.


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Personal Injury Lawyers


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